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Saul Takahashi

Business and Human Rights: What Companies Have to Do

Saul J. Takahashi is Professor of Human Rights and Peace Studies at Osaka Jogakuin University. He has held positions in Amnesty International and in several UN organizations, and from 2014 to 2019 was the Japan Representative of the Business & Human Rights
Resource Centre. Saul holds an LLM in international human rights law from the University of Essex and is the author of several books, including Civil and Political Rights in Japan: a Tribute to Sir Nigel Rodley (Routledge), Human Rights and Drug Control: the False
Dichotomy (Hart Publishing) and Human Rights, Human Security, and State Security: the Intersection (Praeger Publishing, ed.).

Paul Duffill

How to Achieve Political Participation for Positive Social Change: Case Studies and Tools

Paul Duffill is a Lecturer at the Center for Foreign Language Education and Research, Rikkyo University. His research and teaching focuses on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), Academic English, peacebuilding, and social issues education through simulations. He has previously held university teaching and research positions in Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

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Richard Miller

The Ever-Changing Dynamics of International Relations

Richard Miller is a Canadian is a professor at Osaka Jogakuin University in Japan where he teaches several courses including Women’s Global Leadership. He has taught in East Africa, Asia and North America and the director of the Summit Seminar program. A regular contributor to several publications including the KIM Management Magazine.

Dereck Vikiru

Introduction to Journalism

Derrick Vikiru is a communications expert, a seasoned editor, a digital native, content creator and writer. He has extensive knowledge of media relations and public relations, editing, writing and field reporting having worked with top international companies, government organizations and academic institutions in Kenya. He also has interest in brand management, digital communication, relationship cultivation and outreach, strategic communication and client relationship management. He works with organizations and professionals on improving their media buying, social media monitoring, media placement, media campaigns and publishing activities.


Eunice Tan

Lecturer, Language and Communication Centre

Eunice Tan holds a Masters of Arts in TESOL from the University of Manchester. She lived and worked in Japan from 2011-2019, teaching English for Academic Purposes in high schools and Rikkyo University. Her research and teaching interests include reflective practice, ecological use of educational technology in teaching and inter-cultural studies. Since returning to Singapore, she was an Associate Lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and now teaches local and international freshmen at Nanyang Technological University.

Michael C. Boyce

Negotiation, Conflict resolution, and Peacebuilding M.A.

Living and working on the coast of Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan since 1996, Michael Boyce has recently moved to a new position at Hamamatsu University School of Medicine after spending over twenty years working part-time and full-time at eight other universities in the Tokai region. In his free time, Michael runs local volunteer environmental groups and a national marine sports organization. Michael has currently finished his coursework as an education doctoral student specializing in organizational leadership at Northeastern University and has an MA in negotiation, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding. Michael’s research interests include conflict resolution, adaptive leadership, organizational and systems
theories, service-learning, internationalization, and the conditions of adjunct faculty in higher education institutions.