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Week 1

Monday, August 10th, Zane Richie, Josai University, New Zeland’s Prime Minister
Wednesday, August 12th, Richard Miller, Global Political Order
Friday, August 14th Adam Fayed, Introduction to Investing

Week 2

Monday, August 17th, Derrick Vikiru, Envision Magazine, Journalism in East Africa
Wednesday, August 19th, Dr Tamara, Swenson, Osaka Jogakuin University, Media
Friday, August 21st, Eunice Tan, Singapore

Week 3

Monday, August 24th, Alice Ndikumana (Summit International Institute), Entrepreneurship in a Global Economy

Wednesday, August 26th, Michael Greseamere, The New Way of learning-A semester online
Friday, August 28th, Michael Boyce

Week 4

Monday, August 31st, Saul Takahashi, Osaka Jogakuin University
Wednesday, September 2nd Paul Khalil, Government of Kenya, Diplomacy between East Africa and East Asia
Friday, September 4th, Joel, NGO’s in Africa, Andreou Hospitality and Management

Week 5

Monday, September 7th, Paul Duffill, How to Achieve Political Participation for Positive Social Change: Case Studies and Tools
Wednesday, September 9th, Jedidiah Vitisa, Summit International Institute, the East African Economy
Friday, September 11th, Dr Okabe, Kobe Gakuin University, Japanese Economy and Culture in Globalization

-Contact Richard Miller at and an application will be sent out.

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